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Data Warehousing

Our data and technology provides a unique approach to feasibility, recruitment and surveillance. Expediting workflows, we improve accuracy and deliver better results.

Clinical Cube deploys data and technology that radically reduces the time taken to produce accurate feasibility reports for Phase II & III trials and then delivers patient recruitment with pinpoint accuracy. Our solution processes and analyses massive amounts primary and secondary care standard and non-standard observational data.

Access to the patient record delivers efficient patient recruitment processes and allows us to provide a straight-thru process for surveillance and safety reporting at Phase IV.

  • Flash Feasibility

    Delivers national and local level reporting within 7 hours of a trial protocol being submitted to our analysts.

  • Detailed Feasibility

    Delivers complex analysis combined with identified patient numbers in 7 days.

  • Geo-mapping

    Brings our data to life, turning data into knowledge and providing instant insights.

  • Geo-fencing

    Allows us to calculate and display optimum travel times between potential trial patients and investigators, improving both recruitment and retention.

  • e-Recruitment

    Delivers direct access to patients across the UK – no manual input is required by CRA or investigator - resulting in timely and accurate patient recruitment.

  • Surveillance and safety reporting

    Is made more accurate and more efficient through direct access to patient records at source.


The imperative to be agile and accurate in delivering trial feasibility at Phases II & III of development has never been greater. Speed and precision combined; offer the key to expediting drug development timescales. This results in Improved patient recruitment and related ROI.

Pharma Companies and CROs use Feasibility for analysis and reporting at the outset of the trial development process. Ongoing analysis, throughout Phases II, III and IV of the trial process can be simply and quickly conducted.

Combining UK observational health data with other related information sets allows our analysts to work hand-in-hand with our customers to better inform and accelerate the feasibility and assessment stages of all phases of the drug development process. Clinical Cube takes a data centric approach to resolving the complex needs and the understanding required to assess clinical trial protocols.


Patient recruitment remains one of the most challenging, time consuming and costly aspects of any trial. Without high quality search, analysis and selection at the beginning of a project, the results can often lead to poor retention, project delays and at worst, trial failures.

Working within stringent and approved data governance practices, we deliver a 3-step process that allows a trial organisation to identify likely patient groups, provide access to patients and finally, provide onward patient contact.

Using our unique data driven approach, Recruitment removes the arbitrary nature of clinical trial patient enrolment. Our collaborative approach combines the interests of the trial organisation, investigator site and patient to bring a new level of efficiency to the development and delivery of clinical trials. In turn targeted recruitment can lead to a 35% improvement in patient retention.

01. Initiate

02. Deploy

03. Report


The growth and complexity of Phase IV research continues to demand more comprehensive informatics requirements. Access to data to support observational, registry and health outcomes is of immense importance to achieve a robust and high quality outcome.

Our direct access to real world patient data presents significant time and cost savings compared to the more traditional routes of achieving data collection. No manual input and no re-keying of data ensures higher data quality.

Reporter allows us to work collaboratively with our customers to deliver proprietary reporting solutions that meet the most stringent of governance standards. Utilising granular level data, including quality of life results, we are able to support the requirement to provide ongoing assessment and analysis of critical success factors, support evaluation of benefit-risk data, as well as deliver the post marketing safety remit.


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