Dynamic health data
& analytics

Innovate and create new commercial opportunities across the complete product lifecycle

Benchmarking the business

Clinical Cube comprises a suite of industry-compliant dashboards, including:

Referral Insight

For care organisations providing extended services and specialist clinics, Referral Insight provides a significant level of competitive market share knowledge, providing an an opportunity for growth and development.

Rx Insight

Accessible analytics interrogate nearly 10 years of UK historical prescribing data, prevalence and demographic data to produce sophisticated forecasting models as well as APBI compliant budget impact models, HCP presentations and reports.

Digital Insight

Understanding the ROI related to digital marketing campaigns including email, media purchases, Fendix Media and DXS is not only important, but also increasingly used to inform traditional sales activities. Digital Insight delivers dynamic dashboards that compare activity spend with sales results.

Who are we?

Clinical Cube is a wholly owned subsidiary of Uniphar Group plc, the largest integrated healthcare supply and services provider in Ireland with a rapidly developing footprint in Europe and the United Kingdom.

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National Trends

Whether the challenge is deliver a new brand launch or reinvigorate an existing product, Clinical Cube provides the clinical and commercial insights required to make important investment decisions.  Starting at the National level we identify patient cohorts, therapy hotspots, key clinical influencers as well as providing the the core analytics required to plan a sales and influence campaign.

Regional Performance

Sales and marketing teams are constantly challenged to maximise the returns on their increasingly scarce resources. Clinical Cube, deploys sophisticated modelling techniques to help identify previously hidden opportunities. Identifying specific hospital trusts, CCG’s, GP Federations or APC’s that offer the most opportunity enables us to target and deploy sales and marketing resources  to the right place at the right time.

Locality Opportunity

We use the phrase “hyper local” to help focus our customers' on the care organisations and HCP’s that can make a difference. Pin-point targeting facilitates excellent results, ensuring that all sales and marketing expenditure leads to a positive and measurable outcome. We like to measure activity, outcomes and performance at a local level, with a constant rebalancing process that helps ensure that all activity is focused on the HCPs and care facilities that can make the difference.

Precise Activity

Clinical Cube helps optimise sales and marketing budgets by precisely identifying the correct deployment activities that should be used at a hyper-local level. But it doesn’t stop there… using prescribing, dispensing and marketing activity data we are able to develop accurate ROI models that inform decision making and allow our customers to constantly refine their activities to ensure maximum results.

Brand strategy

Created with the support of parent company, Uniphar and external Healthcare specialists, Clinical Cube’s Real World Health Data is used to develop commercial strategies for product launches, underpin the brand planning process and expedite commercial deployment. Our Insight data and analysis breathes new life into mature brands, helps build market share and extend financial returns. Comprehensive and providing unrivalled analysis, Insight data informs, challenges and supports commercial strategy. Our data warehouse aggregates NHS primary and secondary care data, patient journey information, demographic data and specialist health registers. Combined with clients’ own finance, commercial activity and performance data, we create unique empirical views that support their decisions.

We produce unique, industry-specific multi-dimensioned health data. We collaborate with our customers to help them solve complex problems and deliver successful marketing ROI.

Sales & marketing

Pharmaceutical companies routinely challenge their sales and marketing teams to improve ROI, increase MAT and evidence overall value. We use proven business intelligence techniques to dynamically profile and target the health community and support tailored sales outreach programs. Insight Reporter dynamically combines sales, prescribing and CRM activity data. Active dashboards measure national performance, regional activity and individual impact. The data is used to improved sales strategies that dramatically improve measurable ROI.

Converting dynamic activity reporting into improved sales strategies dramatically improves measurable ROI.